Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break Camping Trip

We borrowed my brother's camper and went to Cleburne State Park for 3 nights! We had a great time hiking, playing at the lake and the playground, having campfires, smores, board games! The kids had fun exploring the campsite and finding hideouts too!

It was our dog Okie's first time camping and she had fun and she got so tired she fell asleep sitting up in the car!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


 Mrs. Claus and Santa having fun at Waco Wonderland! They had free face painting, jumpy house, train ride, and they saw Santa there!

 Brianna's kindergarten class gingerbread play! She had to learn her line and she said it great.

 Brady's Christmas chapel at preschool. He did a great job singing.

 Both kids enjoyed their school Christmas parties!

 Making Christmas cookies for Santa.

 At Grandpa Jim's for Christmas Eve! They loved seeing family and getting presents!

 Christmas morning they were so excited to get what they asked Santa for- a microphone and an angry birds game

 Then we went over to Uncle Chris's later that day for more fun, birthday cake for Jesus!

 We also took the kids to Dinosaur World over the Christmas break! They loved digging for fossils there and going on hikes at the State Park.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Here are a few things that have been going on this month:
Here is a picture of Brianna's kindergarten class on their field trip to the Mayborn museum! Brianna was excited to ride on the school bus there!

Here we are at Disney on Ice! We loved it!!

Brady got to go on a field trip to Mayborn museum with his preschool class, he had fun with his friends!

Here is Brianna at her thanksgiving lunch with her friends Kelsey and Navey. She loves all her sweet school friends!

Brianna is 6 years old!

Brianna is excited to be 6 years old! She wanted to have a princess Leia party - she loves star wars! She is doing great in kindergarten and she loves going to school. She has lots of friends and she says the girls are her sisters. She also enjoys going to church, ballet, and choir. Her favorite things to do are creating artwork, playing with her puppy Okie and playing with her brother. She is always the first one awake in the morning and ready to go.
She got to do crafts at her birthday party with her friends Campbell, Callie, Navey, Mckayla.

She wanted a cookie cake this year and she had 15 friends come to her party.
It was a costume party and we played games in the gym. The darth vader pinata didn't last long though- Brady knocked it out on the second swing!
We love our little princess Leia and we are so proud of her too!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Brady had fun at his preschool field trip to the farm.
He has a great teacher and class!

 Pumpkin Patch :)

 Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker for Halloween!
 We went trick or treating at my brother's house and the kids got a hay ride on the trailer!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Having Fun

Here is a picture of Brady playing soccer - his favorite thing to do right now! He was nervous at first, but now he is playing great and he has been making goals at the last few games!

 Here is Brady's preschool class meeting the firemen for safety day! He is doing a great job in preschool and even learning Spanish words! He goes to preschool 3 half days. I love having quality time with Brady while Brianna is in school, we have lots of fun together.

Brianna has gotten to go to a Drill Team dance clinic and a Cheerleader cheer clinic this month! She had so much fun dancing with the high school girls! And she got to dance at the football game!

Brianna is also doing great in Kindergarten! Her teacher says she loves having her in her class!
Jeremy started his new job downtown at the Waco ISD admin central office. He is a district instructional specialist and he loves it! He works downtown and then also goes into the schools to work with the teachers.
I am still working various childcare at church, involved in MOPS, and enjoying being a stay at home mom!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School

Brady had his first day of preschool at First Woodway Christian School with Mrs. Buenger in the 4 yr old TWF class. He had a good day and he enjoyed it! On his first time in chapel his class won the award for best behaved during the service!

Brianna had her first day of kindergarten at Speegleville Elementary with Mrs. Guinn. She was very excited to go and she really enjoyed it! She wasn't nervous and she even got the first brownie point award from the teacher for helping a classmate. She came home talking all about it! She loved gym, music, recess, and everything. We were nervous dropping her off though and emotional! We can't believe how big she is. We are looking forward to this year! And it was funny, a reporter came by and asked about the first day of school, so I was on the local news that day, it was a good distraction and it was fun!